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On May 2024, the Calanques Natural Park will host the seventh edition of the TITE Trophy. Students from all over France - and even from beyond the French borders - will come to compete in 4 words : sport, culture, fun and solidarity.

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10 trophies, 4 universes

The TITE 2023 will propose this year
7 sports trophies, 1 cultural trophy,
1 fun trophy and 1 new solidarity trophy.

Partners village

Find a job, internship, student job or good tips and tricks to better live your life as a student : these are the objectives of the Calanques Business Fair.

closing PARTY

This year, the traditional closing party will be completely redesigned for your greatest pleasure !

An ideal environment

Marseille Luminy Campus Calanques

The TITE Trophy is fortunated to see its event take place in Marseille, the sunniest city in France ; but more particularly in the heart of the Calanques National Park.
An exceptional setting that contributes to the uniqueness of the event.