How to registrate ?

Step 1 :

Carefully and INDIVIDUALLY fill in the registration form below. Remember to click on “Send”.

Step 2 :

Proceed to the payment either by the Pumpkin application, by bank transfer, by credit card or cash directly to the BDS STAPS Marseille. All the necessary information can be found at the end of the form.

Step 3 : 

Wait for the confirmation e-mail from the organizing team.


This form is to be completed INDIVIDUALLY: each person in the team you have previously composed must complete it. 


Your team will not be given priority if :

  • each person of the team has not filled in the following form;
  • each person of the team has not sent his/her student card (only for the choice of the AMU pack) ;
  • each person of the team has not paid his or her registration fee.

For any question or remark, the mail dedicated to the inscriptions for the TITE is