Procedure for running a set

  • Players choose their character. An organizer can be requested for a Double Blind Pick procedure: in order to avoid that a player chooses his character according to the choice of the adversary, each of the players chooses his character and announces it in secret to the referee who then makes sure that he chooses the announced character.
  • At this point, the stage striking procedure is used: among the five authorized stages, the winner of Rock-Paper-Scissors eliminates a first stage, then the loser eliminates two stages, then the winner decides on which stage the stage is played. first part among the two remaining courses.
  • The first game is played.
  • The loser then announces on which stage he wants to play among the counterpick stages
    who have not been banned by their opponent and in accordance with the Winner DSR.
  • The winner can change characters.
  • The loser can change character on his turn.
  • The match is played.
  • At the end of the match, if the set is not finished, steps 3 to 7 are repeated until the end of the set.
  • If one of the previous rules has not been respected, the matches concerned must be replayed.

Smash Bross


– Format of the competition

The tournament will be played according to the pool format with a point system per match won, starting from the eighth direct elimination matches with extension in the event of a draw. Matches will be played in 1 v 1 mode on FIFA 23. The playing time will be 8 minutes per match, so 4 minutes per half. There will be a consolation for the third of each hen. The pool will be played in the morning.

– Rules of the game

The rules of the game will be in accordance with those of FIFA, unless otherwise specified in these regulations. Players can choose any team and any tactical setup.

– Equipment

Each player can bring their own gamepad.